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Danny Thompson has provided me with business insight, wisdom and inspiration. His passion for marketing and business growth matches his passion for music. This guy is obsessed with mastering the art of entrepreneurship and clearly enjoys sharing his knowledge with the rest of us in the music education business.

Danny is great at articulating complex business concepts in an easy and unintimidating style. I highly recommend his program if you didn’t receive your MBA and are in need of sharpening up your business skills. His podcast alone will get you and your business set on a course for success.

Dave Simon - Dave Simons Music and Licensing

About 6 months ago I was looking for ways to take my school to the next level. We had hit a plateau. By chance I listened to a new podcast. The podcast had Danny Thompson on it.

I reached out to Danny. Long story short we have achieved everything we talked about and my school is on the way up.

I can’t say enough great things to say about Danny. You can’t go wrong by gaining some knowledge from Danny. Class guy that knows his stuff.

Timothy France Kelly - owner Columbia Rock School

Danny Thompson is the real deal! His thirst to become a better business owner has made him one of the most knowledgable and successful school owners in the world.

We have had many high level conversations regarding marketing and as the founder of one of the most popular marketing softwares globally (, I an attest that he knows his stuff. Whether you want to scale your business to multiple teachers, grow your school roster or add multiple locations, you’d should give Danny a call.

Chris Bates - Founder & CEO

Music School owners are often so overwhelmed, under paid, and frustrated that they don’t love what they’re doing anymore. I’ve created a 10 part online course along with some one on one coaching and a community, to help you build the dream music teaching business that you’ve always wanted.

Along with being a musician, marketing and business are a passion of mine. I love to look at someone else’s music school and think about ways of helping them make it better. I think about how to continually grow my music school almost 24 hours a day. I love it! It’s not just about making money, it’s about building something that can impact a community , enrich lives, and become a legacy for you. Growth is always import. Not just for financial stability but also for personal happiness and satisfaction. Creating something and continually refining it is very rewarding.

Music Lesson Business Academy is designed to help you get more students, make more profit, and build your dream music teaching business. I do that through a series a videos modules that cover everything from website design, student retention, creating an amazing customer experience and tools to help you maximize and streamline your business. We combine the modules with 4 hours of personal one on one coaching with me , if you are a platinum member, and our forum community of other motivated, forward thinking dreamers where you can connect and trade ideas and information. I’m in the forum as well.

If you’re just looking to get another 10 or 20 students, this program probably isn’t for you. This is for Music School owners and Single teachers who are ready to expand their business and leave the hobbyist and competition in the dust.

Click the join the Academy button below and let’s start building your dream music teaching business.

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